Fundap - Institutional

Complexo Portuário

Due to the privileged geographical position and highly efficient port system, the Government of the Espírito Santo  FUNDAP- establishing the Development Fund of Port Activities, which is a financial incentive in order to promote regional development through the growth of imports through the Espírito Santo.
The main advantages offered by FUNDAP are:

  • Exemption from ICMS* on entry of imported goods;
    Incidence of interstate rate of 12% for most goods;
  • Deadline for payment of ICMS*   up to 56 days from the date of the customer billing.
  • Actually all products can be imported by FUNDAP system, except for some that are part of an exception list because they are considered of strategic importance and are produced in the state.
  • Brazilian tax on the circulation of goods, interstate and intercity transportation and communication services;